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Industrial and Domestic Plastic Welding & Plastic Repair Melbourne, Victoria and Australia Wide



We can use our experience to repair plastic items that have been considered unrepairable.
We then apply our unique and advanced repair technology to repair any plastic!

We have a confined space entry permit along with white card for industrial on-site welding/work.
We have the most varied and greatest understanding of plastic welding, solvent cementing and repairs to thermoset plastics.
The business manager David Bebarfald has done more than ten courses in plastics and has worked in the industry for 18 years.



Plastic Advanced Welding is Australia's foremost authority on all aspects of plastic welding and chemical bonding.

We specialise in industrial welding and general domestic and automotive plastic welding.

Our large clients include Smorgons and many councils across Melbourne for playground repairs.

Also many panel shops and automotive recyclers.

With a client base across a many varied industries and specialist obscure fields.

We also Specialise in Plastics Consultancy

We can fix ANY Plastic

  • Automotive plastic welding 
  • Industrial plastic welding 
  • Water tank repairs 
  • Fuel tank repairs 
  • Chroming tank repairs 
  • Canoes and watercraft 
  • Fibre Glass Canoes 
  • Acrylic fabrication 
  • Bakelite repairs! 
  • Playground equipment repairs 
  • Fusion & Fabrication 
  • Plastic repairs 
  • Plastic alterations 
  • Custom plastic fabrication 
  • Bumper bars 
  • Plastic headlights 
  • Motorcycle fairing 
  • Restorations of old parts 
  • steering wheels 
  • Plastic restorations 
  • Grey Imports 
  • Sheet Rod and Tube sales 

We specialise in difficult to repair plastics

Custom or unique work is our specialty
Information and education in plastic fabrication and welding procedures, on site plastic welding
plastic welding training, plastic welding rods, plastic welding tools.

Plastic Repair-Inside Water Tank

Tractor fuel tank plastic repair

OHS upgrades to council owned childrens playgounds

What else can we do for you!

Thermo set and Thermoformed plastics, bending and forming, formulation of special adhesives for thermo set plastics, solvent cementing, painting plastics, industrial plastic welding.

Plastic product information and advice, Help with choice of materials for manufacture, recycling information.
Polymer processing, thermoforming and fabrication, chemical bonding, pickle baths for etching metals, electroplater tanks fabricated and repaired, pipe work and pipe welding.

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