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Founded early in 2000 Plastic Advanced Welding began after
I crashed my motorcycle!


(a 1989 Honda VFR750) into a fallen tree on the road and damaged the plastic fairings on one side.

The repair bill was astronomical to replace the damaged plastics around $3,500 which was approximately half the cost of the motorcycles purchase price, this began my interest in repairing plastics.

After 20 years in the transport industry and a keen interest in cars/trucks and motorcycles I got off the road and began working as a Repair Support Officer for the R.A.C.V at their newly opened state of the art accident repair centre or A.R.C.

A massive panel shop, which they have two of in Melbourne Australia.

After completing the set up of these installations (about six months), I moved into doing plastic repairs in house within the panel shop. This included repairing all manner of damaged components and as I had too much work the R.A.C.V found another person to help me.

Ron Taylor, who had been working as a plastic repairer for 25 years although he didn’t have the theoretical experience I did, he was very, very good at what he did and taught me a lot over the ensuing three years at the R.A.C.V.

At the same time I did my certificate in polymer processing at Chisholm College in Dandenong.

As a result of all this and a lot more investigating on my part of other repair systems and techniques I developed my own system, which includes a thermosett glue for plastics that can’t be welded.

My system is the only one of it’s kind in the world and is the only system that can be adapted to repair ALL plastics.



  • Polypropeline
  • Polyetheline (lldpe, hdpe, mdpe)
  • Polycarbonate
  • A.B.S
  • Noral
  • Polyamide or nylon
  • h.i.p.s
  • p.v.c
  • bakerlite
  • fiberglass
  • polyurethane
  • p.a+p.p.e
  • a.b.s+pa
  • p.p e.p.d.m
  • a.e.s
  • a.s.a
  • xenoy
  • t.p.o
  • acrylic
  • acetal
  • p.c/a.b.s

My company (Plastic Advanced Welding) has grown in many directions over the last eight years.

Encompassing repairs to the automotive industry, panel shops and automotive dismantlers. We also do OHS upgrade and repairs for local councils.

For playground repairs of plastic and fiberglass components also repairs and modifications for the playground manufacturers, plastic welding and fabrication of components and repairs for many different industrial company’s.

Some recent repairs include: a leaking 10,000 litre polyethelyne water tank, sealing the joins in a 70 metre slide to stop tanbark getting stuck in the joins of each section.

A 1950 jeep steering wheel made of bakerlite that had three sections missing and several cracks, an acid tank made of p.v.c at an electroplaters, a bumper bar for a porchse car and 100 roofing vents that came apart after manufacture.

And several cracks in a helicopter that is being fully restored.

Advanced Plastic Welding

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