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Bumper Bar Repair

Automotive Plastic Welding
We have over 15 years experience in bumper bar repairs


The experience gained over many years in the industry


Our manager David Bebarfald worked at the r.a.c.v accident repair centre for four years doing automotive plastic repairs.
This repair centre is the biggest panel shop in the world and is state of the art.
He perfected the art of automotive plastic repairs and developed a new system that was based on new technology and skills that were learned doing five courses at Dandenong t.a.f.e, including: plastics identification, plastic welding, polymer processing, thermoforming and chemical bonding.
He also worked with another plastic welder who had been doing bumper bar repairs for over 15 years.
He wrote the approval for plastic welding for the r.a.c.v and specializes in repairing difficult plastics such as polyurethane, t.p.o, and e.p.d.m.

Bumper Bar Repair - Nissan 350Z

Front Bumper Bar Repair on a Nissan 350Z





We also do repairs to all other automotive parts including:

  • Headlights (missing tags/lugs can be fabricated)
  • Grilles
  • Old bakelite steering wheels
  • Plastic guards
  • Shrouds
  • All other plastic automotive parts

    *n.b we don't do vinyl repairs as the repair system for vinyl is substandard. We recommend re-covering the dashboard at a motor trimmer.

In short we are the best option for bumper
bar repairs in Melbourne


We also do baked two pack paint work with spies hecker paint.

A case in point was front and rear Holden Statesman bars repaired recently, not only are these bumper bars no longer available the last known list price for the two bars was $1,200.00. They were both repaired for $300.00.

This included heating and re-shaping and over 2 meters of welding. They are now on the vehicle and the repairs are not detectable.

Some areas were also strengthened to prevent any future knocks causing more damage in stressed areas.

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