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 Plastic Advanced Welding

Sales/Service Manager: David Bebarfald
89 Mt.Pleasant Road
Monbulk, Vic, 3793
Phone: 0402 996 769


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Plastic Advanced Welding began as a small automotive repair business in outer eastern Melbourne. We were mainly doing repair and restoration work on automotive components for panel shops and local automotive dismantles. This soon expanded to repair work to motorcycle fairing and panels. The business then expanded into industrial plastic welding for much larger companies like Smorgons Wire in Laver ton, where two acid baths were refurbished and several other projects around the plant were completed including polypropylene pipe welding and fabrication of many custom parts. Other clients include six councils across Melbourne who frequently require repairs to fibreglass and plastic components that have been burnt or vandalised. And Life fitness that requires the covers of their exercise bikes repaired.
The Business has completed many and varied tasks over the last 15 years, including restorations of very old plastic parts and also very new plastic parts. Plastic Advanced Welding also has a great knowledge of polyethylene and we frequently do repairs on-site to water tanks of all shapes and sizes. An example of this is a repair that we did on a 40,000 litre water tank at a Ford dealerships where a forklift leg had inadvertently pierced the tank. A confined space entry and removal and re-fitting of some of the plumbing was also required.