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Commercial and Council
Playground Equipment Repairs

Melbourne and Victoria, Australia
Expert Repairs and Plastic Welding to save time money and the enviroment.

  • Crawl tubes
  • Slide repairs
  • On-site welding
  • Burns and vandalism
  • Finger entrapment modification
  • Joins welded
  • Specialist plastic Fabrication
  • All Colors

 We have been repairing commercial plastic playground equipment for councils and private organisations across Melbourne for over 10 years and saved our customers a fortune in replacement costs.

We can repair vandalism including fire burns to slides and crawl tubes.
One particular playground part that we repaired was over 10 years old and had a 13 c.m by 13 c..m burn in it. this was repaired the next day as it was a safety concern. The result saved the council closing the ride and also saved them replacing the whole part of the playground. The burnt part was obsolete.


Big savings and little down time for the kids. Much more enviromentally friendly. We are fully insured and aware of all safety concerns when working in and on playground equipment.


We also repair steel playground parts and can refurbish things like worn flying fox's.


Here is before and after photographs of a finger entrapment situation at the entry of a slide in hoppers crossing. The playground manufacturer originally used silicone to “fill” the gap. But as we know the children love to pick this out and it doesn’t last long in the weather. So we welded the gap and not only is this permanent but looks a lot better too. We also “filled” the area across the bed way of the slide as there was a gap there too.


Modification and Improvement, Finger Entrapment etc.


 Before OHS plastic welding upgrade

Before we performed our OHS upgrade to this council slide.


After we Plastic welded all the finger trap points on this slide.


This is after we welded the finger trap points and brought this slide up to OHS standards.

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