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  • Plastic Advanced Welding- We can repair almost every type of Plastic on the market or advanced plastic welding repair systems can repair your plastic equipment to keep it running longer.
  • What can we rapair, well almost anything made of plastic or fibreglass. Check out what Advanced Plastic Welding can repair.
  • Hot Air Welding is one tequnique we employ to weld plastic back to it's original strength.
  • We give an insite to how you go about, identifying, treating and then plastic welding your broken equipment
  • Advanced Plastic Repair can not also repair plastic, but fibreglass repair as well. From fibreglass tanks to boats and everything inbetween.
  • Advanced Plastic Repair, we have the up to date tools and procedures to complete any bumper bar repair. Our advanced plastic welding system can repair it for the fraction of replacment cost.
  • Advanced Plastic Repairs quality motorcycle plastic repairs can make your girl look brand new for a fraction of the cost of new.
  • Plastic Advanced Welding can repair any type of chemical or storage tanks, we have all the OHS tickets for commercial sites and repair your plastic tanks for a fraction of the replacement cost.
  • Our advanced system of plastic water tank repairs and plastic welding can repair any leak or fittings on your plastic water tank, any size or installation.
  • Plastic Advanced Welding can repair your leaking plastic fuel tanks. Rather than replacing your tanks we can repair them to new standard, saving you and saving the environment.